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Medjugorje pilgrims remember visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic as a warm, close girl who encounters Blessed Virgin Mary on Mondays, in an old family house painted in blue, below the Apparition Hill. Vicka formed a family with her husband Mario and moved to the village Krehin Gradec near Medjugorje. Sincere, open and with a smile she accepted the interview for "Glas mira". Conversation with a cup of tea brought smiles on faces of all household members. The interview became a nice gathering with the favorite Medjugorje person, who illuminates security and clearity while holding her daughter in the arms.

* You are a mother, a wife, a person who experienced fullness of the heart. When I look at you, you look different from Vicka from a blue house who talks to pilgrims.
- That is the truth. I often say that you can't compare that to meetings with Our Lady and her beauty, or the beauty of that meeting, since there is nothing so beautiful. Motherhood is beautiful in other ways and is fulfilled with special happiness and satisfaction. God gave me mercy and that is something special. At that time I can't be dedicated to pilgrims because I received the gift of life, which I guard, and nurture with happiness. Thanks to mercy, one can witness life both ways.

* Is this a wonderful period of your life, considering you used to be going to Krizevac and the Apparition Hill while being ill!?
- If you want to suffer or do something in God's glory you don't talk too much about it. If God truly asks for our suffering and sacrifice, then He asks in fullness and humility. Only me and Him. Point of suffering is to really do what God asks from us and to be really close to him. He knows why he gives and why he takes.

* In one of Our Lady's messages it says that she will stay among us as long as All Mighty lets her.
- I always remember when people tried to persuade us: "Come on, ask Our Lady how long she will stay." We asked her: "Dear Our Lady, we ask you in the name of others, we would like to know..." She answered: "Am I boring to you?" That touched me so deeply and strongly that I've decided to never again ask that question, even though I knew that people didn't have any bad intensions. How can Our Lady be boring to me? She didn't give answer only to us, but to the whole world. This is why Our Lady said: "Until All Mighty lets me, I will stay." She also said: "I'm just a mediator of mercy, how much All Mighty gives to me, that's how much I give to you." We pray to Our Lady, she prays to her son, she is a mediator between us and Jesus.

* During countless encounters between Heaven and Earth in the whole world, especially in Medjugorje, God asks us to be merciful and righteous. Can we say it like that?
- That isn't any request, it's the pure love. God doesn't ask for himself, but for us, and He doesn't have any other way to come closer to us. He sends his mother, his presence and he gives us all. Whole Heaven is here, but we are blind, deaf and speechless to understand. God simply loves us and hopes that he will be able to move us with that love. Man shortly gives himself to God, but then turns back to his needs and continues praying when he decides. Our Lady says that each day, step by step we should go towards God, without putting our needs and attentions in forefront. Our Lady says: "You pray for fulfilment of all my and God's plans and we know when to give you what you need. You don't need to pray for that, pray for fulfilment of all my and God's plans and we will repay you when time is right."

* That will be the real answer for many people.
- The one who is searching for the answer will get it. If we have open heart and we want to do something, than we don't need to be afraid. The heart is the biggest problem. We can understand Our Lady's message with capabilities of our mind, but if we don't put her message in our heart than there is no use. Jesus and Our Lady will never say that something must be done, they will always give us an opportunity for the new beginning. In any case, I ask you to feel the real love and the real love can be found only in Jesus and Our Lady. Everything else is short lasting.

* The world is always strong enough to damage us a bit.
- The world isn't a problem. It isn't geographically set, it doesn't mean settlement, building and walls. We are the world, every one of us is a part of the world. And it isn't true when we say that world hurts us, actually we hurt ourselves. We have to understand that every one of us is a part of the world. Therefore, if everyone would move themselves, the world would flourish.

* What does Our Lady say about the family, your family?
- My family should be example for others. Generally, Our Lady is asking for renewal of praying the Rosary, but the thing she asks for the most is unity: so that everybody in the family finds time for each other. If someone does something sincere, follows what Our Lady asks for, than little by little, with small acts she will answer to the families. The most important thing that Our Lady says is that without prayer there is no future. Prayer must be the first thing in our lives. If we start praying with our families, there will be laughter, conversations and goodness in harmony with God's will. If man doesn't pray, doesn't have time for himself and his family, family will fall apart. If we pray every day, one or five minutes before we go to work, saying: "Thank you God for this day and for me in it, here I am all well and in service to You", then we've done what was necessary. We gave that day and ourselves to God. In the evening we should gather our family and thank God for the gift of health, for well being of our family and than we go to rest, because tomorrow is a new day that we need to start with thanks and prayers.

* Does Our Lady visit you on a daily basis and is she still the same?
- Our Lady still visits me on a daily basis and she didn't change a bit, but we did. Sometimes she changes the expression of her face and by that we can see if she is sad or happy. Light shows up three times before she comes. She is wearing gray dress, white veil, crown made of stars and she's got blue eyes, black hair and blush cheekbones. She floats on a gray cloud and doesn't touch the earth. For holidays she wears a golden dress. Only for Christmas she comes with little Jesus in her arms. Only once, a few years ago she came with grown up Jesus who was wounded. His clothes were torn apart, he had a thorn crown and Our Lady said: "I came to show you how much Jesus suffered for all of us." Every time we have a birthday Our Lady congratulates us, and when it's hers we congratulate her. We give out our hands and we kiss. One would say she is a normal person, alive like we are. But Our Lady's beauty can't be described or compared with anything, because there is nothing so beautiful on earth. Once we've asked her why she is so beautiful and she answered: "I'm beautiful because I love. Start loving and you will become beautiful. Real beauty doesn't come from the outside but from the depths of our soul and heart. Today you are consumed by external beauty so much you have forgotten the importance of inner beauty. I ask you to look more for inner beauty and then external will follow by itself, don't worry about it."

* There was an interesting episode when you and Jacob went to Heaven. Literally. How did it look like?
- It was really literally! It didn't happen during regular time of Apparitions, but in afternoon at the church entrance, before praying the Rosary. We dropped by at Jakov's place and asked his late mother to prepare us a meal. While she was going down to the kitchen, we were in a small room upstairs. We were watching family photos. Suddenly, Jakov, who was holding the photo album, fell on his knees. I found myself right next to him. Our Lady came at 3:20 PM and we didn't expect her. She said: "Now you and Jakov will go with me to see Heaven, Hell and Purgatory." Then Jakov replied: "Dear Our Lady take Vicka, she has more brothers and sisters and I'm alone." Jakov thought if we go there, we will never come back. I was thinking for how long this trip will last, a few days or hours, will we go to sky or earth. I didn't say a thing, I thought it should be her will.
Than Our Lady took my right hand and Jakov's left hand. Suddenly roof opened just enough for us to go through. In a blink of an eye we were in Heaven. It's an infinite space lit with light which doesn't exist on earth. We saw people dressed in gray, pink and yellow dresses, walking, praying and singing with small angels circling above them. Our Lady told us: "You see how happy these people in Heaven are." This is happiness that can't be described with words, it doesn't exist on earth.
Purgatory is also a large space, but you can't see people in it. All you can see is darkness gray as ashes and you can feel people twitching, hitting and colliding. You can clearly feel their need for our prayers so they can be delivered from Purgatory. In Hell there is a big fire positioned in the center. First, Our Lady showed us people in normal condition and later how they were coming out of fire as animals, like they've never been human. Deeper they fall in the fire, more they are against God. Our Lady explained to us that those people went to Hell themselves, by their own will, wishing to do so. People who live on earth and do everything against God's will, already live a certain Hell, which later continues. Our Lady says: "There is a lot of people on earth who think that after they die on earth, everything ends. On the contrary, they are wrong, everybody is just a passer-by."

* Many people don't like Hell and don't want to hear about its existence.
- There is a lot of people who want to know how Heaven and Purgatory look like, but Hell... they don't ask about it. They are right when they think that God is pure love and that He doesn't want to send anyone to Hell. Our Lady specifically said: "God doesn't want to send anyone, but we are the ones who determine where we go and we have been given a free will. People who are in Hell decided to go there with their own free will. Every person on earth has a chance to improve, repent and earn Heaven. It's up to us how much we'll work on it."

* In previous messages Our Lady has often spoken about Satan and his strength.
- She mentions him in present messages too. Satan is strong and waits for opportunity to strike where we are the most sensitive. Today his main goal is to destroy our families, introducing as much conflict as possible.

* It's the time of big mercy.
- These are the times of big mercy, and as long as Our Lady is with us I think this is the time of great mercy. Everybody is given mercy equally. When there is a word about mercy, there is no difference between you and me. It's given to everybody, but it depends about us how we'll respond to it, how we'll accept it.

* Who leads a conversation, Our Lady or Vicka?
- Sometimes she does, sometimes I do. It depends on how the conversation goes.

* Is there something that wasn't said but Our Lady did mention?
- Most of the things have been said, except the things that will happen later. It will be announced when the right time comes. Our Lady has many new messages but she will not give them to us because we still didn't accept the old ones. They aren't lived as she asked us. Our Lady's messages are always the same, she always asks the same. But how she could ask any different when there are so many people who don't listen and nothing stays in their heart. She is trying with the simplest ways, the simplest presence, but we don't understand her and we are always asking for something new. No one asks what she gave us so far. That means we aren't interested in her words, but use those questions to justify emptiness in ourselves. When we embrace Our Lady's messages and start to live by them, than we'll see that not a single word is the same.
Now Our Lady gives us the message every 25th day of the month. In the beginning she gave messages every Thursday. Why did she stop? Because she thought it was too much for people to handle. Every message has less than thirty words. Like she wanted to see how ready we are, how much we would do. Message should be put in the heart and lived, so another one can be embraced when it comes. Only when we start to live Our Lady's messages, than we'll see the importance of every single word.