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Our Lady's message from October 2008 found me in Italy, near Bari, where great deal of believers gathered in a daily prayer. Its concept contained my proclaiming and a daily program, which started at 8 AM and lasted until 9 PM.

This message is Our Lady's strong call in hard times for the Church. Times so alike the one in the Middle Ages when mankind's pride was drowning. When people were divided in three social classes. The Lord wasn't happy with aristocracy or any other class. He shines the light on rich people showing a new way and a new image of man and his dignity.

"Francis, my Church is falling down," the Lord says from the crucifix. "Lord, what do you want me to do?" "Help me to rebuild the Church." "How?" "Read" the Lord replies. Francis takes the Bible in his young arms, opens it three times and finds the answer: leave everything, denounce everything and come with Jesus. Jesus speaks from the cross, Jesus speaks from the Bible! Man listens with an open heart and realizes that there is no other or more uplifting way. He answers to the call: "Lord", poor Assisi man would say: "Since I met you and I fell in love with, my money, shops, horses, knight prestige, friends and girls, all of that is nothing. All of that is dust. You are my God and everything mine." He enters in the school of prayer. The crucified one is the only teacher and the book he learns from all the wisdom and draws all the love for all the creatures. Everything leads him to the Maker. The happiest person who walks the earth is the one freed from slavery to material things.

In a special way we are all called to pray for the Queen's intentions. She tells us once more what Church can do with its group prayers - to stop the satanic plan. He is the one who destroys, tears, the one who sows bad seeds in the hearts of God's sons. He is the pest who doesn't sleep. He is the destroyer of mankind, the Church and each plan of God. He can manage to pull more and more people from God every day, or to turn them against God and His plan. He puts himself in the first plan instead of God. This arrogance manifests itself in decadence and erosion of moral. The best way where you can see it is on TV shows and another media. He wants to misuse everything. Immoral person has more chances and bigger support than the moral one. Those false icons and idols of pagan Gods and Goddesses, which are put on pedestal, brain wash and seduce every day, persuading people that the only way is their way.

How to arm yourself? The Queen of peace says: "With prayer and fast." Lord mentioned those weapons to the pupils who couldn't expell the Devil from the possessed one. How did prophets and New testament holy men win? With fast and prayer. How did Francis rebuild the Church? With fast and prayer. What is our straight today, which Our Lady talks about, to stop the Satan? Fast and prayer. There is no other weapon. Listen to the Mother if you want to help your people, family and the Church. Accept this weapon.

Let's remember apostle Paul who writes to Christians in the beginning of the Church: "Be strong in the Lord. Dress up in the combat outfit, which God provides, so you could resist Devil's attacks. Wear God's combat outfit, so you could resist the evil days, overcome everything and remain the winner." (Ef, 6,10)