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I've spend my childhood in a place very dear to me, called Kotoriba. We've nurtured the Christian way of life, in a standard, not too dedicated way. God for sure wanted something more and He kept sending me the signs I couldn't recognize at the time.

Even in elementary school while reading the God's words I felt terrible coldness like I was in the water up to my mouth. I was truly seized by fear. I've told that to my godmother and she didn't say a word. That scared me even more. I've experienced the same thing a few years later in high school in Varazdin.

With arrival to Zagreb I've neglected everything due to many obligations and my marriage was going in the wrong way. I didn't want to sin any more so I gathered my strength, took my children and left. For everything I was going through I needed more spirituality to give me more strength. I searched for it at spiritual seminars, but I couldn't find it, until Medjugorje entered my life. I planned for a long time to go there, but my father died and my mother was immobile and I had to take care of her.

Seven years ago I heard from a friend that a doctor is organizing a trip to Medjugorje. Withought thinking I signed for it. Than, in Medjugorje, I've experienced the voice of Jesus, the faith. I saw big letter V ("Vjera" means "Faith" in Croatian) and then V again and E countless times. That happened on the Apparition Hill. While praying, I saw a small stone and decided to take it as a souvenir. The moment I took it, I've heard the voice of Jesus saying "Faith" and that was just before Easter. Than around the third station at the Way of the Cross I saw something tangled up in the bushes. I tried to find the meaning in all the things I saw, but I couldn't.

After a while I took a regular medical checkup including the ultrasound. The doctor asked me what I did with my thyroid gland, since my mother had asthma bronchiale. I said that I have done nothing. She asked again and I replied I've been praying. "Keep praying", she said. Ultrasound revealed something like a scar after operation and a tiny knot. For all that I have medical documentation. A week later I went to Maria Bistrica. On tenth station I saw tweezers touching the knot. After that, something wonderful happened. Our sick family tree was obviously cut down, since the common health problem that was running in the family disappeared.

My mother was very sick, so we were going from one place to another to find help and cure, but we were looking at the wrong places. My mother, was very good person and she needed deep and regular prayers. I'd like to think if she had that she would be still alive. I didn't know that at the time.

I've been in Medjugorje many times and my daughter likes going with me as well. We were there this year for the fraternity anniversary at fr. Jozo Zovko. There I've received the gift of fast that I wanted for so long. I realized I hadn't eaten on fasting Wednesday, then Thursday and I felt no hunger. When you receive the peace of Medjugorje, just follow the path and you won't need anything else. I'm trying to throw away superfluous things and gather money for another trip to Medjugorje. Every Tuesday I go for the prayer in Good shepherd community in Dubrava, and during days off I go to spiritual exercises by fr. Zvjezdan Linic. It's hard to go everywhere God invites us, but the will exists. When I was on a three day seminar by fr. James Manjackal in Koprivnica, I prayed for full recovery and blessed everybody. Suddenly I've had a vision of blood flowing through my back and heard fr. James saying: "Katarina, you are cured!" That was so beautiful.

Without prayer, reading God's words we can't accomplish anything. Our Lady tells us to pray and pray. Therefore let us be persistant in prayer.